Alana Barrell

Artist & Painter


Short Film About Alana

Short documentary about Alana as she celebrates her first art exhibition. Features interviews with Xavier Bonpunt, Artistic Director of Le CAP, Alana’s mother Julie Hessler and sister Liesl Barrell.


Video by Pierre Tremblay of Listo Films
Photography by Eva Blue
All artwork by Alana Barrell ūüôā

Documentary About Artist Alana Barrell
Artist Alana Barrell in Montreal Gazette

Montreal Gazette Article

“Alana Barrell began falling in love with art at about the same time her paranoid schizophrenia took hold.

Nearly two decades later, at age 33, she still has to cope with terrifying hallucinations of vicious monsters and people with guns, but her bright, colourful art is the exact opposite of the nightmarish visions that torment her. Her art portrays whimsical scenes loaded with humour, love, fun and passion.”

About Alana

Alana has presented her work in multiple group exhibits of na√Įve art, and the MENTAL HEALTH AMBASSADORS series is her first solo outing.

Alana Barrell

Recent News

Alana with the Global Montreal Team

Global Montreal Interview 2017 

Alana was on the news this morning! She was interviewed by Kim Sullivan of Global Montreal¬†and we discuss her exhibition, mental health, art therapy, schizophrenia. They also show a range…

Sabrina Marandola and Alana Barrell on CBC Montreal Radio's Homerun

[AUDIO] Alana Barrell on CBC Montreal’s Homerun

Hear artist Alana Barrell and her sister Liesl (well, that’s me) in an interview by¬†Sabrina Marandola¬†for CBC Montreal’s Homerun¬†that aired on March 7, 2017. We discuss Alana’s Wild Characters exhibition¬†running…

Zebras by Alana Barrell

Alana’s First Solo Exhibition Launches!

Le Centre d’Apprentissage Parall√®le de Montr√©al (CAP) is honoured to present Alana Barrell‚Äôs first solo exhibition of portraits and animals, called “Wild Characters”. This series forms part of the ambitious…