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Below are some of Montreal artist Alana Barrell’s press highlights, reviews and interviews from her art exhibitions.

Press: Montreal Gazette Coverage of Artist Alana Barrell

Colourful Art Fights the Darkness, March 21, 2017, By Isaac Olson.

Alana Barrell began falling in love with art at about the same time her paranoid schizophrenia took hold […] Her art portrays whimsical scenes loaded with humour, love, fun and passion.

Read the full article about Alana Barrell on the Montreal Gazette website.

Interview: Global Montreal Coverage of Artist Alana Barrell

Alana and her sister Liesl interviewed by Kim Sullivan of Global Montreal about her art exhibition at Le CAP, the importance of art therapy, living with schizophrenia, mental health and more. All photos of Alana’s artwork and vernissage credited to Eva Blue. Interview originally aired March 13, 2017.

Interview: Artist Alana Barrell on Breakfast Television Montreal

Alana and her sister Liesl interviewed by Derick Fage of BT Montreal. Interview originally aired March 30, 2017.

Press: CBC Radio Interview with Alana BarrellHear artist Alana Barrell and her sister Liesl (well, that’s me) in an interview by Sabrina Marandola for CBC Montreal’s Homerun that aired on March 7, 2017.


Press: The Suburban Coverage of Alana Barrell

Alana Barrell’s first solo art exhibition reveals positive side of schizophrenia, March 5, 2017.

For her, painting is not just a coping mechanism to process the hallucinations and delusions she faces regularly, it is also her way of expressing different worlds as she sees them.

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The Concordian Review of Alana Barrell's Exhibition

The Wild Characters of Alana Barrell’s Art, March 14, 2017. Reviewed by John Cairns.

Above all else, Wild Characters is a passionate, refreshing and totally unpretentious collection which excites the viewer and leaves the public hungry to see more from this evolving artist.

Read the full review of Alana Barrell’s first exhibition on The Concordian website.

The Senior Times Press Coverage of Alana Barrell

Art increases stability, autonomy for this special artist, March 9, 2017.

Each painting tells a different story, Alana explains: My zebras show how important it is to love each other, that we have to appreciate the animals.

Read the full article on The Senior Times website.

Alana Barrell in Lifestly

Artist Overcomes Schizophrenia To Host Solo Art Exhibit, March 22, 2017 by Amanda Wagner.

I feel so pleased and excited,” Alana says of being able to show her artwork in a gallery for everyone to see. “I do it to cheer people up. I use vibrant colors to get people in a good mood.

Read the full article on Lifestly.

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